May 10, 2020
Nancy Pelosi Says Next Coronavirus Stimulus Will Have Vote-By-Mail

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on Full Court Press on Sunday and spoke to host Greta van Susteren about the next coronavirus relief package, which she said will have vote-by-mail.

As reported by Breitbart, Pelosi said she believes the procedure is "essential" and has the support of Republicans all around the country.

"They like voting by mail," she said. "They have more of a habit of voting by mail."

In terms of the reasoning behind the procedure, Pelosi said that mail-in voting is necessary to keep people at home and safe from the coronavirus pandemic.

"This is related to COVID for the reason that we are trying to keep people at home, vote at home and the rest, vote by mail does one thing—I was a former chair of the California party, and our goal was to remove all obstacles to participation."
Pelosi's comment comes after California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an order to provide every resident of the state with a mail-in ballot, CBS News reported. After the news, President Donald Trump suggested that the decision — along with a new voting center — is part of a plan to "steal another election."

"It's all rigged out there," he tweeted. "These votes must not count. SCAM!"

Nevertheless, Pelosi believes that vote-by-mail is an "opportunity" to take down participation barriers that many voters face in the electoral process and also reduce the gatherings that will take place on election day. In particular, Pelosi pointed to Wisconsin and the coronavirus cases that were allegedly tied to people who waited in lines and voted. Conversely, she noted that Oregon has used vote-by-mail for years and seen "success."

As reported by CNN, Trump is increasingly getting involved in legal battles tied to mail-in voting. The president, who has been on a mission to defund the postal service, met with his allies last week to speak about legal efforts against Democrats and their push for mail-in voting in various parts of the country. Although CNN notes that evidence does not suggest mail-in voting specifically benefits Republicans or Democrats, Trump has continued to lash out against the process and claim it will pave the way for fraud.

Andy Orellana, a spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, pushed back against the notion that vote-by-mail is undermining electoral security.

"Expanding voting access is NOT stealing an election, contrary to what Republicans in Washington may believe," he said.

Trump previously called mail-in ballots corrupt just weeks after he mailed-in his own vote for the Florida primary.