Paul Rudd Threw Toilet Paper At Jeffrey Dean Morgan's House On His Birthday

On Friday night, Paul Rudd and wife Julie Yaeger Rudd appeared as guests on Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Morgan's new AMC series, Friday Night in With the Morgans. Jeffrey and Hilarie revealed that the Rudds had thrown toilet paper at their house in honor of Jeffrey's birthday, reports People Magazine.

The Walking Dead star turned 54 on April 22, and to celebrate the special day, Paul and his family got into their car and drove by Jeffrey's house, tossing toilet paper into the yard.

Hilarie and Jeffrey recalled the incident on the show, and Jeffrey joked that it was one of his favorite birthday presents he's ever received.

"Did the Rudds come by and throw toilet paper at you like they did at us for Jeff's birthday?" Hilarie asked their fellow celebrity guest couple, Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa.

"We drove up playing music so loud, honking the horn. Our kids were really nervous, they thought maybe you were going to call the police on us, and we were hoping you were," said Paul, who was dressed in a yellow tuxedo for the video chat.

Mark and Kelly seemed to find the anecdote amusing as they were both seen laughing along with the others in the segment.

On social media, many fans thought the episode was very sweet and liked the idea of planning out a scavenger hunt instead of a birthday party while under quarantine. Some Twitter users also loved Paul's anecdote about celebrating Jeffrey's birthday with toilet paper in a drive-by setting.

"Learning that Paul Rudd & his family drove up to JDM's house and threw toilet paper at him for JDM's birthday is just the most delightfully Paul Rudd thing I've ever heard," tweeted one person.

Paul's wife also shared what she and their kids -- Jack, 14, and Darby, 10 -- did to celebrate Paul's recent 51st birthday. They created a scavenger hunt and used Post-It notes to guide the Avengers: Endgame star around their home and up and down the stairs.

The actor's family made him coupons for "different things like snuggles with our daughter, breakfast in bed and a massage," instead of buying gifts since it was difficult for them to go out and shop amid the lockdown restrictions.

Kelly and Mark told the other celebrities that they did something similar to celebrate their recent anniversary, even making coupons for each other as well. Kelly showed coupons for a right foot massage and a left foot massage to the others.