Coughing Patient At A California Birthday Party Caused A 'Cluster' Of Coronavirus Cases

A Pasadena, California, birthday party was the cause of a cluster of coronavirus cases in the region, according to CNN.

A news release from the Pasadena Public Health Department said that a "large number" of extended family members and friends were at the party, which took place after the city issued a "Safer at Home" order in March.

One patient at the party was coughing and not wearing a face covering, and other partygoers were also seen without face masks. In addition to the lack of face covering, the guests were also violating social distancing guidelines.

"As a result, COVID-19 spread among party attendees," the department said.

According to the health department, contact tracing helped investigators identify more than five confirmed coronavirus cases from the party and "many more ill individuals."

"This is an example of how good contact tracing can identify disease clusters and tell us more about the spread of disease in our community," said Dr. Matthew Feaster, an epidemiologist at the department. He continued by saying he is grateful to the large team of public health nurses, investigators and contact tracers who help track the virus and prevent the spreading to others in Pasadena.

The release of this information came ahead of Mother's Day on May 10, regarding which officials stressed the importance of social distancing when gathering and encouraged people to gather in small groups, preferably with those they live with.

Over 66,550 people have been infected with the coronavirus in California and at least 2,687 people have died, according to Johns Hopkins University.

"Pasadena residents who stay home keep themselves and their loved ones protected from COVID-19," said Dr. Ying-Ying Goh, director and health officer of the Pasadena Public Health Department. He continued by assuring people that the city is moving forward with small modifications to its stay-at-home order, but it advises against the gatherings of people who do not live in the same household.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, California Gov. Gavin Newsom revealed that California's coronavirus spread first began at a nail salon. Newsom did not elaborate on the specifics about the location of the salon due to health and privacy concerns, but he promised to provide additional details when possible.

The City of Pasadena recommended that those with underlying medical conditions and those ages 65 and older refrain from participating in public recreation or retail curbside pickup. It also encouraged residents to get tested if they are experiencing even mild symptoms. Free COVID-19 testing in Pasadena is available at the Rose Bowl and the Barger Health Center.