Kayla Moody Pours Water On Herself In Seriously NSFW Video: ‘Oops Missed My Mouth’

Kayla MoodyInstagram

Blond bombshell Kayla Moody sent fans into a meltdown with a highly NSFW video shared to Instagram yesterday. In the risqué clip, which was a selfie video shot at the beach, the hot military wife could be seen generously pouring a bottle of water all over her chest.

The busty model was braless under a skimpy top and didn’t hesitate to get fully drenched, putting on a seriously racy display as she pretended to take a sip of water only to spill the liquid all over her cleavage. She pointed the camera directly at her bosom, treating followers to a close-up view of her voluptuous assets, and proceeded to slowly pour water on each nipple. She rocked her chest side-to-side, swaying seductively to make sure she got everything in the frame.

“Oops missed my mouth,” she captioned the steamy post, which amassed close to 55,000 views overnight.

Kayla left nothing to the imagination in a see-through white tank top that pushed the limits of the social media platform thanks to its sheer nature and exaggerated low-cut design. The item was completely soaked and clung to her body, perfectly showing off her bosom. The buxom blonde let her curves speak for themselves, opting to leave her ample decolletage area unadorned. The outfit showed off her trim midriff and tiny waist, which were briefly revealed as the camera panned over her torso.

The Florida hottie completed her beach-babe look with stylish makeup that emphasized her naturally pretty features. She wore her usual glossy pink lipstick and accentuated her gaze with a thick black eyeliner, which she wore both over and under her eyes. Her eyelids appeared to be dusted with shimmering lilac eyeshadow, and her cheeks looked perfectly highlighted. The makeup application also included long lashes to further bring out her eyes.

Kayla didn’t seem to be wearing any jewelry, only accessorizing with a chic, pink manicure. Her nails were trimmed short and featured white French tips that added a touch of sophistication to the saucy look. She wore her hair down and parted on the side. Her golden tresses looked tousled and windswept, upping her sexiness factor.

The clip also showed a glimpse of the Tampa Bay, with tall buildings looming in the background and a stretch of sea bordered by a rocky strip of beach. Kayla added a geotag to her post for further clarification.

Fans went into a frenzy over the steamy video, leaving close to 700 messages for the sizzling blonde.

“I can’t handle this,” commented one person, adding three weary-face emoji.

“Absolutely mouthwatering,” read another message, trailed by a long string of flattering emoji.

“So hot. I love that outfit,” penned a third follower, who began the post with a trio of fire emoji.

While the majority of fans gushed over her hotness in the comments section, one Instagrammer had a humorous reaction upon seeing the clip.

“OMG you’re wasting water,” they quipped, adding a mind-blown emoji.