Rose McGowan Accuses Bill Maher Of Making Crude Remark To Her On His Show In Late 1990s

Rose McGowan claims that television host Bill Maher made a crude remark to her when she was a guest on his show in the late 1990s, an apparent response to Maher's criticism of Joe Biden's sexual assault accuser.

The actress shared the allegation in a tweet on Friday, saying that Maher whispered an inappropriate comment to her during the filming of the show.

"I was on your show Politically Incorrect in the late 90s- as the show returned from a commercial break, you leaned over to me & whispered in my ear, 'my parents didn't give me a good face, but they did give me a huge c**k,'" McGowan wrote.

The actress said that his remark and demeanor "turned my stomach," and that since then, she always wondered how Maher treated "the girls that aren't famous" if he was willing to treat her that way at the peak of her fame.

As TooFab noted, McGowan's tweet came as Maher was speaking out on Friday's episode of Real Time about the sexual assault allegation against former vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Maher criticized those who have been pushing the allegation, implying that he believed it was unfounded and being used as a political weapon against Biden.

"Just because Fox News is obsessed with the Biden sex assault allegations, it doesn't mean the rest of us have to be," Maher said, via The Wrap.

Maher went on to question the timing of the allegation, wondering why accuser Tara Reade had waited 27 years after the alleged incident to come forward.

McGowan, who was one of the early leaders in the #MeToo movement that seeks to empower survivors of sexual abuse and assault to speak up and tell their stories, has been a supporter of Reade. She criticized media last month for what she saw as ignoring Reade's allegation -- calling the New York Times a "bunch of c*nts" for reportedly sitting on an interview with Reade. Later in April, McGowan called on Biden to drop out of the race and asked others to help put pressure on him.

"Fellow citizens, use your power, use your social media voice," McGowan tweeted. "Tweet at Joe Biden to end his campaign effective immediately."

"@JoeBiden we are here for a Cultural Reset, this means you MUST STEP DOWN. STOP SNIFFING & F*CK OFF."
Reade too has called on Biden to drop out of the race.
Biden has categorically denied the allegation from Reade, saying that the incident never happened. He also called on the secretary of the U.S. Senate as well as the National Archives to release any information on a complaint Reade says she filed about the sexual harassment she faced while working in his office.