Ana Cheri Gets Flirty In Sheer Lingerie On A Bed

Christian PetersenGetty Images

Ana Cheri has been posting many eye-catching updates to her Instagram feed lately, and her newest post was no exception. She rocked a sexy, dark lingerie set and posed on top of a bed.

The model’s outfit included a sheer bra with a white base and black lace on top. The piece was see-through, allowing her nipples to peek through, and it had an elaborate lace accent in the middle that called attention to her abs. The revealing top put her cleavage on display, and she paired it with a matching, lacy thong and a black garter belt that she left unclipped.

Ana sat on a white bed on top of a fuzzy, black blanket. She placed her hands on either side of herself and posed with her knees together. She tilted her head to the side and smiled widely for the snap.

Ana wore her hair down in a heavy side part with tight curls that were brushed in front of her right shoulder. Her light highlights glowed in the lighting, along with her rosy cheeks. Ana’s makeup application seemingly included long, dark lashes, shimmery dark purple accents on her lower lids, and silver eyeshadow. She also rocked blush and glossy pink lipstick. She accessorized her look with small earrings and a charm necklace that featured small white charms and one large circular charm in the center.

In the backdrop, it was possible to make out a gray, plush headboard and monochrome pillows. The room’s walls were white and black, and the area above the bed was decorated with white, square pieces of art.

The share has garnered lots of attention in the first 15 minutes since it went live, receiving over 23,200 likes so far. Ana’s followers also rushed to the comments section with a variety of messages.

“Yass girl!! Hopefully when this all ends I can stop by your gym, finally bought a new car hope you are doing well Ana,” raved a social media user.

Others responded to the question she posed in the caption asking what her followers were up to on Saturday night.

“@anacheri Nothing just on Instagram, admiring your amazing smile! You made my night Ana!” gushed a second devotee.

“The prettiest,” declared a third supporter.

“Always perfect!!!” exclaimed another fan.

Ana took to her Instagram page yesterday to share another risqué photo. That time, she rocked a dress that was entirely made out of netting and sparkling accents. She propped her knee and held onto the doorway with her hand as she censored her chest with her other hand.