Sara Underwood Sizzles In A Sexy Lounge Look

Former Playboy Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood shared a smoking-hot triple-pic update with her 9.2 million Instagram followers that showed off her sexy lounge attire. Though Sara didn't include a geotag, the snaps were taken in her adorable diamond-shaped cabin that has been the backdrop for many of her posts.

In the first picture, Sara sat on a loveseat with her dog by her side. A coffee table was positioned in front of the blue seat, with a colorful textile draped across it, and a small fireplace was located to her right. The lounge outfit Sara wore was from the online retailer Fashion Nova, and she made sure to tag the brand in the caption of the post as well as in the picture itself.

She rocked a pair of high-waisted shorts in a cream and beige striped print. The shorts appeared to have been crafted from a ribbed knit material that hugged her curves, and the short length showcased her toned legs. She also had on a skimpy beige crop top that flaunted a tantalizing amount of cleavage, and a striped sweater on top of it that matched her shorts. Sara finished off the look with a pair of white socks and some wire-framed glasses. She had a book open on her lap as she posed for the snap, wearing a big smile on her face.

In the second image, Sara turned her attention to the camera and pursed her lips to blow a big kiss. Her eyes were closed for the shot, but her curves were on full display, and her dog continued to snooze by her side.

In the third and final slide, Sara stretched out across the loveseat with her dog tucked away underneath her legs. She gazed down at him with a soft smile on her face. Fans could also see several details from her cozy cabin space in the background, from liquor bottles to a Yoda figurine.

Her followers absolutely loved the sizzling shots, and the post racked up over 20,800 likes within just one hour. It also received 168 comments within the same time span.

"My celebrity crush since 2007," one devotee commented.

"Omg your outfit is very sexy," another fan said, loving the matching ensemble Sara was lounging around in.

"The fire looks Nice and the dog is so cute!" another admirer added, praising the whole vibe of the shot.

"I don't know what's cuter, the set or the doggie. Any book recommendations?" one user asked, inspired by the book Sara had propped open in front of her throughout the shots.

Sara loves to show off her curvaceous legs in tiny shorts, and just yesterday, as The Inquisitr reported, she did just that. She shared a shot in which she rocked a pair of tiny ruffled shorts as she posed in front of a breathtaking natural backdrop.