‘Angry Birds Friends’ Coming To iOS And Android

Angry Birds Friends is just the latest version of the ridiculously popular game by Rovio that has found a home on Facebook. Now the game is apparently coming back to where its predecessors began. The social version of the series is heading to iOS and Android “soon.”

It would seem that at least one of the reasons that the game is being ported “back” to mobile devices is because of how popular it has been on Facebook. A recent report said that as many as 60 million installs have happened on the social networking site.

The news that the social version of the popular series was going to be made available on platforms other than Facebook was made at an event where the social media giant had representatives attending in Helsinki, Finland.

Angry Birds Friends and the rest of the line of games and toys have been quite lucrative for Rovio. On the same day that it was announced that it would be coming to iPhones, iPads and all sorts of smartphones and tablets an earnings report was circulated. That report showed that Rovio had brought in more than $195 million in revenues.

Even more interesting is that it is the things that are not games that are growing in popularity the quickest. The earnings report showed that 45 percent of its income was actually being generated by something other than the mobile or social media based game.

Rovio has been smart about the way it handles its product. There is certainly no shortage of branded merchandise (and even a cartoon) but, at least so far it hasn’t seemed like the series has been overexposed.

The company has not yet said when this particular version of the game will actually be on mobile devices, but it stands to reason that people won’t have to wait that long. The game simply needs to be ported, not completely redesigned.

Will you be playing Angry Birds Friends when it hits iOS and Android?