Nancy Pelosi Tells Reporter Who Asks About Donald Trump: ‘Don’t Waste Your Time Or Mine On What He Says’

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Rep. Nancy Pelosi was in no mood to discuss Donald Trump in a recent interview about coronavirus relief plans.

The House speaker discussed plans for the next relief package aimed at helping Americans struggling during the coronavirus crisis in an interview with C-SPAN, saying that the House would be working on that soon. As Fox News reported, the House is expected to come back in session next week to begin deliberations on a bill, and Pelosi has reportedly spent the last weeks meeting with members of her caucus and preparing what would likely be a bipartisan plan to help Americans.

But Trump is apparently not part of that. In the C-SPAN interview, Pelosi appeared to grow upset when asked what role the president would play in the process.

“I don’t have any idea what the president does,” Pelosi responded when asked about whether Trump would be part of the negotiations.

When the C-SPAN interviewer noted that Trump said that House was “on vacation,” Pelosi said it wasn’t worth discussing what Trump thinks about the process.

“You know what, don’t waste your time or mine on what he says,” she said.

Pelosi said she is instead focused on trying to “get a job done for the American people” and noted that while there may be some differences of opinion within Congress, there is strong agreement that they have a responsibility to help people in need.

As The Inquisitr reported, Trump said this week that there is no sense of urgency in putting the next relief bill together, saying on Friday there was “no rush” to pass a new stimulus. Congress had initially passed a plan that included help for small businesses and $1,200 payments for American families, though Democrats are pushing for more in a new bill and discussing the possibility of making payments recurring.

Pelosi is reportedly planning to “go big” in the proposal that would kick off the next round of bipartisan negotiations, and reports have indicated that she is open to the idea of giving Americans a $2,000 monthly check for the duration of the crisis to help keep them afloat and stimulate the economy. Trump has also said he is open to another direct stimulus for American families, though has not given an exact amount. Some other Republicans appear on board with direct payments to Americans, including Utah Senator Mitt Romney, who proposed a $12 per hour pay boost to essential employees on the front line of the coronavirus crisis.