Laci Kay Somers Shows Off Her Voluptuous Bust In An Unbuttoned Denim Vest

One of Laci Kay Somers' newest Instagram uploads featured the model posing in a denim vest that showcased her ample assets. She shared the sultry Instagram story video, which had her chest as the focal point, with her 10.7 million followers on Saturday, May 9.

Laci looked wide-eyed at the camera, her intense gaze never wavering. She held her phone out with one hand, as far away from her body as possible in order to angle the shot and get as much of her outfit as she could in the footage.

She wore a distressed denim top with nothing underneath. The acid wash vest sported three buttons, the first of which was undone. Laci's voluptuous bust and ample cleavage were barely contained in the garment. The vest appeared to be a crop top, and a tiny hint of Laci's midriff peeked out the bottom.

She rolled one shoulder, which only served to further amplify her buxom bust. She then winked and playfully stuck her tongue out at the camera, smirking.

"Crazy ass filter," she captioned the video in white font. She seemed to be referring to the "TOP MODEL LOOK" Instagram filter, which she used on the clip. The filter gave her seriously smooth skin, rosy cheeks, a sprinkling of freckles, and a reddish-pink pout. It also made her arctic blue eyes appear larger.

In addition to the filter, Laci appeared to wear a full face of makeup, starting with her dark brows, which loomed to be shaped and groomed. She seemed to rock a neutral shimmer on her lids that hit her brow bone while her feathery lashes fanned out and curled upwards. Laci's waterline looked filled in with kohl liner; her lower lashes seemed to be coated with black mascara. Her cheekbones popped with what appeared to be contouring and bronzer. She seemed to wear a bubblegum pink gloss on her lips.

Laci wore her icy blond-gray locks parted in the middle and tucked behind one ear. Her tresses cascaded down her shoulders and tumbled into curls that curved around her chest and ended just above her midriff. Her tanned skin made her ashy locks appear even more silver.

As for her jewelry, Laci accessorized the look with dainty diamond earrings.

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, Laci Kay Somers frequently shares racy snaps on her Instagram grid and Instagram story. One of her most recent videos featured the model wearing a neon ensemble that flaunted her hourglass physique.