May 10, 2020
Aldon Smith Reportedly Met With Roger Goodell But Reinstatement Future Still Unknown

New Dallas Cowboys defender Aldon Smith reportedly had a meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell recently. Smith is said to have had the appointment in regard to his years-long suspension and his recent application for reinstatement.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that he talked to Cowboys' chief executive officer and executive vice president Stephen Jones earlier this week about Smith. Jones told the reporter that he knows for a fact Smith talked to Goodell, but he doesn't know what the outcome was.

Jones also briefly discussed another one of his players who is waiting for word from the commissioner's office. Randy Gregory is hoping to be reinstated for the 2020 season as well. The team doesn't know if either player or both are going to be allowed back in the league this year.

"He's waiting to hear back. I think Randy may or — I'm not exactly sure where that is. Sometimes we're not privy to that. We're not sure when we'll hear something. Obviously, the league is looking out for their best interest."
Jones said he believes both men are trying to get back to being people who Goodell feels represent the NFL well. When the commissioner decides they've achieved that, he'll allow them to suit up for the Cowboys.

Florio pointed out the new NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement changes the way in which players who have had substance abuse violations are handled. The CBA puts a focus on treatment rather than punishment for those who fail a drug test. Both Gregory and Smith believe the current approach gives them an argument for returning.

Randy Gregory of the Dallas Cowboys makes a sack for a touchdown fumble recovery on Jameis Winston
Getty Images | Ronald Martinez

Florio also noted that despite the more "understanding" approach towards drug offenses, the CBA does not give players like Smith and Gregory a clean slate. He asked Jones if he felt that was an oversight by those who crafted the deal.

The Cowboys executive VP explained the situation as something the league is still trying to get its hands around.

"I think at the end of the day we're gonna have something here that's in the best interest for the players. All the things that you're speaking of are going to be taken into account. As we move forward we'll have a much better feel for how this is gonna work," Jones added.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier this month, Smith's case is an interesting one because he's been out of the league for so long. He last played for the then-Oakland Raiders from 2011 to 2015. Gregory's situation stands out because he's failed numerous drug tests and has been suspended multiple times.