Abby Rao Plays It Cheeky In Bottoms-Up Bikini Pictorial

Instagram maven, model, and TikTok star Abby Rao has no qualms about putting the spotlight on her sultry body for all of her nearly 2 million IG followers to appreciate. She proved this with a photo slideshow posted to the platform on May 9 that prominently features her almost-bare backside in a skimpy bikini.

Accompanied by a flirty caption, the photo spread features the 22-year-old lying on a patch of well-manicured grass, flat on her tummy with her upper half propped up on outstretched forearms. And while the phrase "bottoms up" is typically reserved for those occasions when one is imbibing, Rao's admirers would surely raise their glasses for her sizzling and rather exposed buns as they take center stage in each steamy pic.

In the first picture, Rao peers seductively over her shoulder and directly into the camera's lens. Her supple lips are a shade of vermilion and slightly parted in a most mischievous expression. Meanwhile, her sun-kissed skin shines in incredible contrast against the green grass.

That photo is followed by another in which she is using her delicate hands to play with long strands of her flowing blond locks. This time, her eyes are closed and her expression is almost pensive, bordering on blissful. Nevertheless, it's difficult for one's attention not to be drawn to Abby's derriere as the focal point of the shot.

Rao completes the slideshow with a third photo in which she is pushing her torso up and off of the grass with her palms on the ground. As a result, part of a tattoo on her midriff is revealed, as is the shape and form of some of her other assets. She looks even more impish in this picture as her lips are pursed and her eyes glare grumpily at the camera.

The stunner sported minimal accessories, including earrings and rings, along with a patterned green scarf she wore as a headband.

The cheeky Instagram update blew up in a major way, accruing over 150,000 likes in just three hours and prompting nearly 2,000 comments.

"YES ABBY YESSSSSSSSS," declared one enthusiastic commenter.

Another fan kept it classy.

"Abby you're beautiful inside and out," they said.

Rao has been rocking it on social media as of late, delighting fans with hot shots of her perfectly symmetrical face and sinuous figure. As reported by The Inquisitr, on May 8, she dropped another sizzling slideshow, this time featuring her shapely form in a red-toned bodysuit.