Vera Wang's Instagram Account Proves That Age Is Just A Number

Quarantine hasn't stopped legendary fashion designer Vera Wang from designing, constructing, and modeling her own creations. Over the past week, she's been regularly posting pics on her Instagram that depict her modeling some of her own quarantine designs -- face mask included, of course.

As the pics of Wang started circulating around the Internet, the discourse started focusing on one theme that had nothing to do with Wang's gorgeous designs, Page Six reported. A Twitter user posted some of Wang's pictures along with the caption "THIS B***H VERA WANG IS 70?!?!" The tweet quickly went viral and people in all corners of the Internet shared their disbelief that Wang is actually 70 years old.Another Twitter user pointed out that Wang was born in 1949, meaning that in 2020 she will actually be turning 71, per Page Six. The revelation of Wang's real age led several people to speculate what her secret might be. The majority of the theories involved some kind of magic.Wang's Instagram proves that she's not wasting a single moment of productivity while she's in quarantine. She posted several shots of her working on a new wedding dress design for her White collection, which is featured in David's Bridal stores around the country.

The pictures provide an insider's look into Wang's process. The series of pictures shows her pinning fabric while the dress is on a mannequin, pinning a hair accessory onto an adorable flower girl stand-in, pondering which shoes go with this dress, and admiring the final product.

In a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, Wang revealed that she's been in quarantine since right after Paris Fashion Week, which happened at the beginning of March. When she and her "fashion family" as she calls them, returned from Paris, they all quarantined together.

"If you are lucky enough to be with a group of people you know so well and have traveled with so extensively, being restricted can bring so many positive and different nuances to the experience," Wang said told Harpers Bazaar. "But on another level, the fact we could speak about life, love, work, priorities, family, even fears made each day a new experience. Forcing ourselves to celebrate each life event from birthdays, anniversaries, holidays such as Easter, even births, and sadly, illnesses, helped me to see the need to treasure these milestones no matter what."

Wang went on to say that she feels lucky to be quarantined with people who are fit because it's forced her to work out. Another pic on her Instagram shows her lounging near a treadmill in skintight workout attire, while wearing bridal heels, of course.

While everyone else in the world is lying on the couch in yesterday's sweatpants, Wang is over in Miami doing what she does best.