Hannah Brown Says Her Struggles With Acne Hurt Her Self Esteem

Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown has a radiant complexion and obvious confidence, however she says it has not always been that way. In a recent video, the reality television star explained that she once battled severe acne and that it affected her self esteem. She also revealed the names of some of her favorite products that helped her achieve clear skin, according to Marie Claire.

This particular video was for the latest episode of Masked and Answered. Just like Brown, the video segment was laid back and real, as she was completely devoid of makeup. She sat on her bed in her parent's house in Alabama while she put on a face mask and talked about her favorite beauty brands and her overall skincare journey.

Brown noted that there have been times during her life when she felt so ashamed of her skin that she felt the need to coverup with makeup before being seen by others. It was during this time that her self esteem plummeted.

"I feel the most beautiful when I have clear skin and I can feel confident walking around being my most natural, true self. I know what It's like to have really bad skin, and I had that time in my life where I felt like I was wearing a mask and it was truly one of the hardest things that I've gone through personally for my self-confidence. Now, I just try to be really grateful for when I do have those moments when my skin is clear."
Brown does not mess around when it comes to skincare and some of her regular go-to products are pretty pricey. Some of her favorite products include firming eye gels, essential oils, and cleansing wipes. She also likes the Hydrating B5 Gel by the brand Skinceuticals which keeps her skin moisturized. Prior to going to sleep every night, she also moisturizes her lips with Lip Oil from the brand Hourglass.This is not the first time that Brown opened up about her skin problems and issues with self-esteem. While she was on The Bachelor during Colton Underwood's season she was still struggling with her skin. This was because she was at the time being treated with Accutane, which causes one's skin to get worse before it gets better, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Even though she felt less than confident in her skin, she still tried to go makeup free when she could throughout the season.