Qimmah Russo Wows Her Fans In An Extremely Revealing Swimsuit: 'Calendar Coming Soon'

Fitness trainer Qimmah Russo blew her fans away on Saturday afternoon when she shared multiple smoking-hot pics of herself wearing nothing but an extremely revealing swimsuit. According to the stunner, she is going to release a calendar very soon, and these photos were a bit of a sneak peek to get her many followers excited for the release.

Her outfit consisted of a strappy emerald one-piece with two slivers of fabric covering her breasts and one equally thin piece hiding her nether regions from view. Her panties and top were held together by the thinnest of straps, many of which crisscrossed over her chest and around her waist.

Qimmah, 25, did not share where she got her bathing suit from. She gave her 1.5 million followers a hearty glimpse of her ample breasts, chiseled abs, muscled arms, and her thick thighs. The bottom of her bathing suit was so slim that a tattoo on the interior of her pelvic region stood out from a distance.

In the first pic of the bunch, the model posed in front of a tree with brown palm fronds hanging down behind her. She made a fierce facial expression while holding one hand at her side and lifting to the other to toy with the strap near her right breast. The second photograph showed Qimmah sitting on a wooden bench while smiling softly at the camera.

The third image was similar to the first, except Qimmah adopted a more flirtatious vibe as she looked at something off-camera and angled her body to the side. For the final snapshot in the slideshow, the photographer got a medium close-up shot of her as she leaned against a wooden railing and looked at something out of frame with her lips parted.

She accessorized her look with a belly button piercing and an emerald hair wrap that matched her outfit. It appeared that Qimmah kept her make subtle so as not to detract from her outfit. Her lush lips appeared to be covered with pink lipstick and her eyes were complimented by winged eyeliner and mascara.

Fans went crazy over her latest Instagram share, and many were awestruck by Qimmah's incredibly fit and toned body. Many people wrote that they were eager to get their hands on one of her calendars.

One admirer said they wanted "one for every room in my house."

On Friday, the beauty rocked a tan bikini for a jungle-themed photo shoot and posted multiple pics to her Instagram page.