Ainsley Rodriguez Sizzles In Mismatched Bikini For At-Home Ab Workout With A Ball

Ainsley RodriguezInstagram

Ainsley Rodriguez got creative with her workout in the latest video series on her Instagram page. Dressed in a mismatched yellow and orange bikini, the Miami-based fitness model incorporated a volleyball into the ab-focused circuit.

Ainsley assumed a plank position in the first video of the series. With one hand, she rolled the ball toward her opposite leg, shifting her weight to that side as she did so. Then she pushed the ball to the other side and repeated the exercise.

In the second clip of the series, Ainsley lay on her back and placed the ball under her feet. Then she bent her legs, a move which pulled the ball toward her.

She remained in the same position in the third clip but held the ball over her head. With her knees raised and her legs bent at a 90-degree angle, Ainsley lifted her torso and brought her knees closer to her chest. Then she paced the ball between her feet before she extended her legs and lowered her upper body.

In the fourth and final video of the series, Ainsley performed a set of mountain climbers while balancing herself on the volleyball.

In the caption, Ainsley wrote that each exercise should be done for 45 seconds and should be followed by 15 seconds of rest. The circuit should be repeated five times, she added.

The post amassed over 12,000 likes in an hour and more than 400 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, some fans gushed over her physique.

“You’re the reason bikinis were invented,” one person wrote.

“Love this workout.. You look fantastic,” another Instagram user said before they added a bicep and fire emoji to the comment.

The ball that Ainsley used also got some attention as well.

“Aww bloody Wilson strikes again,” a third fan commented. “Lucky to be with you n not Tom Hanks. Have the best workout n day beautiful @ainsley.”

And a fourth follower shared their appreciation for the workout.

“Loving the content and information from you my friend, the variety that you are adding into your workouts and it’s so much fun,” they wrote.

While she focused on her abs in this video series, Ainsley completed a full-body workout in clips she uploaded to Instagram two days ago. In that circuit, she used dumbbells as she powered through sets of squats to front raise, planks jacks, and more.

“You don’t need heavy weights to get a kick out of this one! I’m using 8lb dumbbells here and have been a huge advocate of lightweight and high volume during this quarantine!” she wrote in the caption.