UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Talks Traveling & COVID-19 Testing Ahead Of Jacksonville Fight

UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer traveled to Jacksonville, Florida, and she took to her Instagram stories to share the experience of going and preparing for the upcoming fight during the coronavirus pandemic.

In one clip, Brittney put a filter over the video of herself getting the nasal swab for the COVID-19 test. It looked like the swab went deep inside her nose, and she shivered and laughed a bit after the person administering the test pulled out the swab.

Before she had to get ready for Saturday night's UFC fight, Brittney shared her experience traveling. The octagon girl revealed that she had missed lying in bed waiting for matches, and she shared her thoughts with her Instagram followers while hanging out in her room alone. Brittney wore a simple gray tank top, big black frame glasses, and tiny gold earrings that dangled. She wore minimal makeup as she told fans about the situation.

She noted that the airport bathrooms and airplanes were extra clean. She admitted that sometimes airports could be dirty, so she appreciated seeing how much effort had been taken to ensure they were safer to use for travel. According to Brittney, all the restaurants in the airports were closed, and the flight attendants on the airplanes did not provide drink service, which she said made things with her trip somewhat tricky. Her advice to people contemplating traveling right now was to bring snacks along since getting food is not easy.

She also explained the COVID-19 testing. Since her arrival, she'd taken two tests and will also be tested every day, which she said made her feel safe. For now, she will be in Jacksonville for the next three UFC events. Also, she'll be involved in a shoot, which she said will take place via her phone. The model also teased a new project, which she said she would reveal in the coming days.

Finally, she showed off her fight ready hair and makeup, which made her facial features pop. Brittany wore a pink bralette and a light-colored, long sleeve cropped top that she left unhooked. She completed the casual outfit with light washed jeans, a gold necklace, and gold hoop earrings. Brittney shared a video of herself riding on an empty bus, and she wrote that she misses people.

UFC 249 is slated for tonight in Jacksonville, and fighter Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza tested positive for the coronavirus, so his fight against Uriah Hall got canceled, according to ESPN. The rest of the card will continue as scheduled. Brittney will be among the octagon girls who carry the signs indicating the fights' rounds.