Jojo Babie Brandishes Her Bare Booty In Sizzling Instagram Snap

Jojo BabieInstagram

Model and Instagram star Jojo Babie continues to bring the heat on IG, spotlighting her killer curves and sizable assets on the regular. On May 9, she kicked off the weekend in sizzling fashion by posting a rear-view selfie that has undoubtedly riled the lion’s share of her 10 million Instagram followers.

Rest assured, her latest offering will hit the sweet spot for those who can appreciate a sinuous shape and an ample backside.

In the caption, Jojo said that the booty is the largest muscle in the human body, and she’s not wrong. The gluteus maximus does, in fact, have that distinction and serves a vital function in supporting the trunk. Anatomy aside, though, the booty is definitely doing all the heavy lifting in this picture.

With her smartphone in one hand to capture the moment, Babie’s free hand is resting near her right hip, just to the side of the sharp curve created by her practically bare derriere. Although her back is turned in the shot, Babie is twisting her upper body just enough to reveal part of her face. Half of it is shrouded in mystery as her long, blonde hair with dark roots covers one side, but her pouty lips and one of her piercing eyes are clearly visible and projecting “come hither” vibes.

Her top is a simple, short-sleeved, gray tee that covers much of her back. However, that famous money-maker is almost completely exposed for all to see; the only bits of fabric close to her backside are the thin, black strings holding up her thong. Her “muscle” is out in all its glory, while her legs are adorned in black lace to complete the look.

The 31-year-old bombshell’s bootylicious pic has inspired thousands of responses from her fanbase. Within two hours of hitting the web, the post notched 50,000 likes and inspired nearly 2,000 comments.

“Yes and some muscles are better looking than others!!” wrote one commenter in response to the caption.

“Yours definitely is NICE,” added another, along with a peach emoji just in case you weren’t sure what they were referring to.

“Best booty. Favorite Asian queen,” opined another, seemingly acting as a voice for the Jojo Babie collective.

Jojo has been on a roll in terms of serving up sizzling snapshots on Instagram of late. As reported by The Inquisitr, when she hit the 10 million follower mark earlier this week, she celebrated the occasion by posting a scorching selfie while sporting a tiny, cut-out, neon bikini top.