Kelsey Wells Demonstrates ‘Full Body Blast Workout’ In Orange Sports Bra And Blue Leggings

Kelsey WellsInstagram

Kelsey Wells showcased her muscled physique in the most recent video on her Instagram page. In the shared clip, the fitness trainer rocked an orange sports bra and blue leggings as she powered through a full-body workout.

Kelsey started with a series of jump squats. She assumed a wide-legged stance at the beginning of the exercise before launching herself into the air and landing in a squat position.

Those were followed by a set of “Around The World” taps. These required Kelsey to stand with her feet close together and then extend one leg in front of her, tapping her foot to the ground. After bringing her foot back to its original position, she repeated the move, this time shuffling the same foot to the side. After that, she did it again but extended her leg backward.

Then it was time for in and out sprawls. For this exercise, she got into a plank position and then kicked her legs out to the side and back, a move that resembled a jumping jack. Then she jumped both feet forward and then raised her torso while keeping her arms raised.

Next, she ended the workout with a series of bicycle crunches. During each repetition, Kelsey alternated raising her knees as she twisted her torso towards them, mimicking bike peddling with her legs as she did so.

In her caption, she recommended doing each exercise for 40 seconds and then following that with a 20-second break. The circuit should be repeated for four rounds, she added.

The video accumulated more than 40,000 views in under an hour and close to 50 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, fans shared their positive reactions to the clip.

“LOVE your workouts SO much!!! Thankful!!!!” one person wrote.

“This looks awesome! Thanks for posting,” another added.

“Happiest Mothers day Kelsey..going incorporate these in my today’s workout..Thanks for sharing,” a third wrote.

But one fan shared a request for a future video.

“Amazing! Can we get a pregnancy-friendly challenge? That would be fun,” they wrote before adding a heart emoji to their comment.

In a previous post, Kelsey flaunted the gains she achieved thanks to her dedication to fitness. In the mirror selfie, she wore a black sports bra and leggings and wore her long brown hair in a high ponytail.

“If your brain were a computer, then the code it’s running would be your internal dialogue. SPEAK KINDLY TO YOURSELF. Your thoughts matter,” she wrote in the caption.