Rihanna Smacks Michael Cera In ‘This Is The End’ Trailer [Video]

The new trailer for This Is The End features comedians like Seth Rogan, James Franco, Emma Watson and Mindy Kaling. It also features a brief scene where singer Rihanna smacks Michael Cera for grabbing her butt.

Cera, who has built a nice, shy guy reputation during his career, can be seen at the start of the trailer flirting with Rihanna. Well, flirting probably isn’t the right word. Maybe “harassing” works a little better.

Cera smacks Rihanna’s butt and the singer quickly returns the favor by slapping the actor across the face.

Rihanna says: “Don’t f**king touch my bum, b***h!”

After being shut down by Rihanna, Cera heads out to the pool and blows a bunch of cocaine into McLovin’s face.

Once the mood of the movie is established via Rihanna smacking Cera and McLovin getting a face full of cocaine, the trailer moves on to phase two: The end of the world.

Cera may have provided the highlights of the trailer but it looks like his character gets killed off pretty early. In addition to getting smacked by Rihanna, Cera also gets impaled by a metal spike in the new This Is The End trailer.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below. (NSFW for language).

What did you think of the trailer? Was Michael Cera the highlight? It’s pretty hard to beat a pissed off Emma Watson scaring six grown men with a shovel.