May 9, 2020
Police Arrest Michigan Men Accused Of Killing Family Dollar Security Guard After Dispute Over Wearing Mask

Police in Michigan have arrested the step-father and step-son accused of fatally shooting a Family Dollar security guard after a dispute over wearing a mask, ending a national manhunt for the pair.

As ABC 12 reported, police arrested 44-year-old Larry Teague and 23-year-old Ramonyea Bishop after close to a week of searching for the pair. They said that Bishop was captured in an apartment complex in Bay City, which is close to 50 miles north of Flint. Teague was caught near a motel in Houston, Texas, on Thursday, the report added.

The crime last week drew national attention after police say the family members killed 43-year-old Calvin Munerlyn at a Family Dollar store in Flint. Police said that Brya Bishop went to the store with her mother, 45-year-old Sharmel Teague -- Larry's wife. Munerlyn reportedly stopped Bishop to tell her that she needed to wear a face mask in the store, which the state of Michigan has mandated all people to do when out in public in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Police said that Teague got into an argument with the security guard and spit at him. The women then left the store and called Larry Teague, police said. He reportedly returned to the store 20 minutes later with Ramonyea, who is accused of shooting the security guard in the head after a confrontation.

The men fled the scene, though police were able to identify them as suspects and put out a call for information from anyone who knew their whereabouts. As the Detroit News reported, the shooting led to a national manhunt for the suspects, with a reward of $5,000 being offered for information that led to their arrest.

There were others who helped the suspected killers evade police, authorities claim. They said that two other suspects rented a motel room for Teague and rented a vehicle to drive him to Texas. They also bought him clothes at a Walmart in Harris County, Texas, police said.

Police said they received tips that Teague had fled to Texas, and investigators were able to track him down in Houston.

The Family Dollar shooting came amid growing national tensions over restrictions put in place in response to the coronavirus, especially in Michigan where a series of protests have arisen from people calling for the restrictions to be lifted. Over the last few weeks, demonstrators have held protests at the state capitol building, which included some armed protesters.