WWE News: Superstar Takes Credit For Ronda Rousey Becoming A Wrestler


The next episode of WWE Chronicle is set to revolve around Shayna Baszler, and the company has released a new clip to promote the show. As quoted by 411 Mania, the footage sees the former NXT Women’s Champion discuss how she got Ronda Rousey — and the other Four Horsewomen of MMA — into watching wrestling.

In the clip, Baszler appears to be talking about their time in UFC together, which marked the beginning of their friendship. According to Baszler, she’s always been a fan of WWE, and that’s what led to her friends becoming familiar with the product.

“When the four of us: Marina [Shafir], Jessamyn [Duke], me, Ronda [Rousey] were all living in the house, I’m the one who got them all into wrestling. Because I was a big wrestling fan and every Monday — I think it was a Thursday that Smackdown was on? But I had the TV. That was my time. I arranged my training so that I could be home to watch wrestling, and I would just have it on. And by proxy, they all got sucked into the stories.”

Rousey has also been a vocal wrestling fan since her UFC days, and even adopted the “Rowdy” nickname as an homage to Roddy Piper. It seemed like only a matter of time before she made the jump to the squared circle after stepping away from the octagon in 2016.

Baszler went on to take credit for being the reason that Rousey became a pro wrestler. Rousey’s fandom is ultimately what led to her wanting to become a WWE superstar in the first place, and she ended up becoming a WrestleMania main eventer as a result.

However, Rousey hasn’t been respectful toward the wrestling industry in recent weeks. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she drew the ire of the WWE locker room after claiming that wrestling is fake and stating that it’s an insult to actual combat sports athletes to suggest otherwise.

Rousey hasn’t ruled out returning to WWE, but she also said that she isn’t interested in competing in front of fans who don’t appreciate her. She also isn’t planning on becoming a full-time competitor again, should she ever decide to return to the squared circle.

Rousey hasn’t appeared on WWE television since WrestleMania 35, where she lost her Women’s Championship to Becky Lynch. The former UFC star reportedly took time off to start a family, and she appears to be more focused on her personal life and acting at the moment.