Two Dogs Have Been Helping A New York Brewing Company Stay Afloat During Quarantine

Two golden retrievers named Barley and Buddy have been helping a New York brewing company survive throughout the coronavirus pandemic by spreading joy to customers. The dogs, which have been nicknamed "the brew dogs," belong to the owners of the Six Harbors Brewing Company in Long Island, according to Insider.

When New York first went under lockdown, this family-owned brewing company had to close their doors to the public. The only business they could do was delivery and curbside pickup. Thus, owners Karen and Mark Heuwetter packed up their dogs and took them along for their delivery routes.

Each dog carries an empty four pack of beer around their neck to help get the word out about the brewing company. Meanwhile, the Heuwetter's carry the beer from their van to customer's door steps.

While Karen and Mark can't get close enough to physically greet their customers due to social distancing, the dogs do the greeting for them. Barley and Buddy run up to customers and are met with petting and smiles.

When the coronavirus began and Six Harbors Brewing Company had to close their doors, Karen and Mark wondered how they would keep the company afloat. While they initially just took the dogs along for the delivery routes for fun, Barley and Buddy have actually become an essential part of the business. Customers request them and the family has actually seen an increase in sales since the dogs joined in on the deliveries.

"When it first came out we were like, holy smokes, can we open? Can we close? What do we do? We had to redefine our business. We never had curbside, we never had delivery. We took the dogs on a few trips and people were loving the dogs when they came... so we added them," Mark recalled.

The couple believe that their dogs have become so popular because they spread joy, something that is much needed during these challenging times.

"When they go out and make people smile, I think people really like that. In fact, people need that these days, so when they put a smile on people's faces they're doing their job — which, by nature, is easy for them," Karen said.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, many Americans have been turning to dogs as a source of comfort throughout the pandemic. In fact, animal shelters across the nation are actually running out of pets in need of adoption because so many people have been taking in animals.