Laci Kay Somers Teases Fans In A Revealing Neon Ensemble

Laci Kay SomersInstagram

Laci Kay Somers left her 10.7 million followers thirsty for more on Friday, May 8, posting a video on her Instagram story posing by the pool in a two-piece that showed off some serious skin.

The model wore a highlighter yellow crop top with a plunging neckline that dipped all the way down her décolletage. The long-sleeved blouse barely contained Laci’s ample cleavage and buxom bust. Her tanned and toned midriff was on full display in the clip. Her diamond belly button piercing sparkled in the light. She paired the top with matching bikini bottoms that shared the same bold hue. The bottoms were cut dangerously low, but rode up high on her hips, showcasing her hourglass figure and her curvaceous derriere. The dayglo outfit stood out brightly against Laci’s sun-kissed skin.

Laci’s sister, Stefani Somers, modeled alongside her sibling in the video. She wore a racy swimsuit that left little to the imagination. The revealing black-and-blue top crisscrossed across her chest, which revealed major underboob. The bottom of the bathing suit was a bold yellow shade, though not quite as bright as her sister’s.

Laci looked at the camera with bedroom eyes. She opened her mouth wide and playfully stuck out her tongue, smiling afterward. She took a second to brush her hair away from her face. She then looked down and tugged on her bottoms, raising the sides even more. At one point, Stefani pinched her neck, leading the model to elbow her sister.

Laci wore her icy gray-blond hair parted in the middle and down in waves. Her super long locks tumbled over her shoulder and ended at her midriff.

Her brown brows looked shaped and groomed and arched high over her arctic blue eyes. Her lids seemed to be rimmed with kohl liner, and her feathery lashes curled upwards and hit her brow bone.

Her cheeks appeared contoured and brushed with bronzer, which made her cheekbones pop. Her plump pout looked like it was painted with nude lipstick.

Her nails were lacquered with white polish.

Laci Kay Somers regularly posts risqué images and videos of herself on her Instagram grid and Instagram story. One of her most recent uploads featured her tugging seductively on her skimpy workout clothes.

Additionally, the model also shared a photo of herself sporting a white bikini that stood out against her tanned skin. The NSFW two-piece not only flaunted her voluptuous chest, but it also showcased a peek of underboob as well.