WWE News: Former Superstar Discusses Losing Job And Family Member To COVID-19 In Same Week


MJ Jenkins was one of many WWE superstars to be unexpectedly released from their contracts last month as a result of the company’s cutbacks. That same week, she also lost her brother-in-law, who passed away after being infected with the coronavirus. The former NXT superstar recently sat down with Sportskeeda and discussed how she’s been coping following the incidents.

According to Jenkins, her release came as a surprise as she seemed to be moving forward with her career. She also believed that she had made some significant improvements as an all-round talent that pleased WWE officials, as she had received some positive feedback and seemed primed for a more significant role on the black-and-gold brand.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting it. Mainly because where I stood with the company. We’d come so far in developing everything that ‘A Whole Lot of Woman’ is. Ring work, promo work, creative work. Like digging deep into it and so, when I got released, it was just, it was very confusing for me.”

However, the former superstar did open up about some of the highlights of her WWE career, such as competing in the Mae Young Classic and getting to work with Denzel Dejournette and other developmental talents.

Jenkins went on to discuss how there was a rivalry in the NXT locker room between her and the Four Horsewomen — Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir. The former superstar revealed that she — along with other members of the locker room — almost got into a fight with Ronda Rousey’s friends, and described the experience as “fun.”

During the interview, Jenkins said that the news of her release was a major blow because it happened right after she lost a family member. She also opened up about how she’s been coping with the grief, stating that she’s been forced to confront her feelings.

“You have to accept what’s going on and you have to allow yourself to feel. If you block it out, and you don’t deal with those emotions, and you don’t embrace those emotions, that’s what makes everything ten times worse.”

Jenkins also said that having a strong group of people behind her for support has helped her during the grieving process. While she believes that it’s important to face reality and use the negativity experience as a driving force, she stated that her loved ones have helped her stay focused and be productive.

She also encouraged everyone to appreciate their loved ones while they’re still around, and regularly let them know how much you value them.