'Today' Star Dylan Dreyer Shares The Challenges Of Working From Home With Young Children

The Today Show's Dylan Dreyer is returning to work in a virtual form after spending the past several months on maternity leave after giving birth to her son, Oliver. Working from home with young children around has come with its own set of challenges. Dreyer took to Instagram on Friday, May 8, to open up in a vulnerable post regarding how she is balancing work and giving her two sons attention, according to Today.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of the Today Show staff is working solely from home. Thus, it is unclear when Dreyer will be able to safely return to the studio. In the meantime, she has set up a makeshift studio in her New York City apartment. While she is grateful for the extra time to spend with her family, she has found it hard to get work done with a 3-year-old and a 5-month-old at home.

In the black-and-white Instagram photo, Dreyer stands in her apartment looking at her phone while simultaneously pumping breast milk. Her son, Calvin, stands at her feet while looking at the camera, appearing to attempt to get his mother's attention.

In her caption, Dreyer explained that she has had to remind herself to take breaks from work to give her children her complete attention.

"Working from home is bittersweet. The extra time with my family is a blessing but the constant multitasking means Calvin doesn't get a ton of undivided attention. Brian snapped this while I was pumping and replying to emails and all Calvin wanted was for me to play with him. The look in his eyes makes me want to cry and I'm going to use this as a reminder that even though I'm working, to my kids home is home and I need to stop what I'm doing sometimes, get down on the floor, and play."
Quarantine has been particularly hard for Dreyer and her family because sickness ravaged her household for several weeks. In addition to dealing with sickness and exhaustion herself, Dreyer faced a new challenge when her husband, Brian Fichera, tested positive for the coronavirus. He had to go into quarantine apart from his family, leaving Dreyer to take care of both children alone.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, those were dark days for Dreyer, who was up much of the night with her infant son only to wake up the next morning and have to assist Calvin with his schoolwork. Luckily, the family has since all recovered and Fichera has been able to leave quarantine.