Bill Maher Rips Democrats For Allowing Tara Reade Accusations To Change Narrative To 'Joe Biden, Sex Monster'

Bill Maher is rather frustrated with Democrats and the liberal media. In particular, the talk show host and comedian is frustrated with how "the political left," as he calls it, is dealing with allegations leveled at Joe Biden by former Senate staffer Tara Reade. Maher vented his anger on Friday's Real Time With Bill Maher, according to The Wrap, claiming Dems are allowing Republicans and Donald Trump to "change the narrative" in the 2020 presidential race.

Maher made it clear it's not a situation where he wholeheartedly believes Biden over Reade. Even if parts of the allegations are genuine, the host doesn't think it's something that outweighs the importance of removing President Trump from office.

"Just because Fox News is obsessed with the Biden sex assault allegations, it doesn't mean the rest of us have to be," Maher began his "New Rules" segment of the show. He went on to claim Trump has "one move," and that's accusing other people of the things he is guilty of doing.

The talk-show host went on to claim that Trump doesn't even have to use his usual tricks this time because liberals are doing it for him. He added Republicans want the political left to go down the rabbit hole of, "Joe Biden, sex monster," and Democrats are obliging.

Maher then talked about what he sees as a "he said, she said, then she said something else." He claimed Reade had changed her story several times since the allegations first came out. She allegedly first claimed Biden sexually assaulted her but then admitted it's not likely that's in the report she filed with the Senate in the 1990s. He said Reade claimed to have been fired by Biden because of the report. Maher then alleged since-deleted social media posts by Reade declared she left the office because she loved Vladimir Putin and Russia.

The host then ripped into Democrats for saying the allegations need to be "fully vetted." In contrast, similar complaints by more than 25 women against Trump have been largely ignored by the media. He added there are more significant problems facing the country than whether or not Biden sexually harassed someone 20 years ago. He pointed to Trump's comments about using bleach and sunlight to fight the coronavirus.

Finally, Maher wondered why Reade came forward when she did. He was careful to point out he understood why she didn't go to the media right after it happened but was confused why she waited as long as she did in the current political cycle. "Why now? I'm not saying, 'Why not 27 years ago?' I understand. It can take victims years to come forward. I'm saying, why not before Super Tuesday?"