Man Who Recorded Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Reportedly Receiving Death Threats

Sean RayfordGetty Images

William “Roddie” Bryan, the man who recorded the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, 25, has been receiving incessant death threats, CNN reported on Saturday, May 9.

The threats — as well as a public outcry for Bryan’s arrest — came immediately after Georgia authorities announced on Friday, May 8, that Bryan was being investigated as a suspect in the Arbery case.

“We investigate everybody involved in the case, including the individual who shot the video,” GBI Director Vic Reynolds said in a press conference.

Reynolds further called the cellphone-captured video, which was 36-seconds long and recorded from Bryan’s vehicle as it trailed behind Arbery, a “very important piece of evidence,” but insisted it is not the only piece of evidence in this case.

Kevin Gough, Bryan’s lawyer, replied to the situation in a statement to First Coast News, saying that despite the fact his client was cooperating with authorities on the case, the announcements made by police have endangered his life, as well as that of his family’s, friends, and neighbors.

“It was Mr. Bryan who videotaped the incident in question, disclosed the existence of the videotape, and invited a responding Glynn County Police Officer to sit with him in his truck where they watched the video together,” Gough said.

He added that Bryan had lost his job after having his identity revealed, even though he had not committed a crime. He further debunked the claim that Bryan had a weapon on him at the time of the recording.

“Contrary to irresponsible media reports, Mr. Bryan was unarmed at the time of the shooting. Roddie is a family man, NASCAR fan, and enjoys rock and roll. He is not now, and never has been, a ‘vigilante,’” Gough said.

BRUNSWICK, GA - MAY 08: Demonstrators protest the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery at the Glynn County Courthouse on May 8, 2020 in Brunswick, Georgia. Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael were arrested the previous night and charged with murder. Featured image credit: Sean RayfordGetty Images

While Bryan may be complying with the current investigation, the clip was originally leaked by Alan Tucker, a lawyer from Brunswick, Georgia, to a local radio station, per The Inquisitr.

Furthermore, Bryan was not initially listed as a suspect in the case, but as a witness. However, once the Arbery family found out he was the neighbor of the accused killers, Greg McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34, they requested Bryan be investigated.

The tragic killing, which took place on February 23 in Satilla Shores, a suburban neighborhood in Georgia, has only recently sparked nationwide outrage and protests following the release of the video to the public.

Many prominent figures have spoken out on the incident, including President Trump, who called the video disturbing, per Politico.

As of May 7, the McMichaels have been arrested on charges of murder and aggravated assault. They are currently being held without bond.