Stephanie Sanzo Rocks Snug White Crop Top For Intense Upper-Body Workout

Stephanie SanzoInstagram

Stephanie Sanzo targeted her upper body in an intense new workout video series on Instagram.

Dressed in a snug white crop top and white leggings, the Australian fitness trainer started her workout with a set of close grip bench presses. For this exercise, she lay on the floor underneath a barbell and arched her back. She pushed the weight upward with her hands, and recommended doing three sets of five repetitions.

In the second video of the series, the muscled mother-of-two tackled a set of chin-ups. In this clip, she suspended herself from an overhead bar and pulled her body upward. The camera was positioned behind her for this clip, a choice which showcased the muscle definition in her back. Her caption recommended doing five sets of five reps.

Stephanie then added dumbbells to the workout for a set of neutral grip bench presses. For this move, she lay down on a stool with her back arched. Holding the weights vertically, she pushed them upwards, bringing them down to her sides during each repetition. Her caption suggested three sets of 15 repetitions.

She used the dumbbells in the next video as well, this time engaging in a set of bent-over rows. The fitness model knocked out a set of skull crushers in the next clip. She lay on her back for the latter exercise and lowered the weights toward her head, hinging the motion at her elbow.

Then, in the final video of the series, Stephanie ended the workout with a set of tricep extensions. She stood up and used one dumbbell for the exercise. She held the weight vertically, behind her head, and then raised it and lowered it.

The post has been liked more than 20,000 times, as of this writing, and more than 300 Instagram users have commented on it thus far. In those comments, fans shared their positive reactions to Stephanie’s workout demonstration.

“Your videos are so helpful for my home workout ideas, even after 20 years of training,” one person wrote. “Thanks, you’re amazing!”

“I’m thankful trainers are still posting content that isn’t just home workouts with no equipment,” another Instagram user added.

“I usually get inspired and utilize some of your dumbbell workouts. Thanks!” a third supporter commented.

Stephanie got compliments on her appearance as well.

“You look gorgeous all in white,” a third fan wrote before adding multiple heart emoji to their comment. “But you always do in whatever you wear.”