Jen Selter Flaunts Her Curves Doing Outdoor 'Yogacise' With A Friend

Fitness model Jen Selter thrilled her 12.8 million Instagram followers with a short video clip in which she showcased her curves alongside a flexible friend of hers. The clip, a short Boomerang, appeared to have been taken somewhere tropical. Jen didn't include a geotag on the post, but in the caption mentioned that the footage was a throwback.

Jen and her friend were positioned on a stretch of lush green grass, with palm trees visible in the background and the ocean off in the distance. The sky was blue and filled with clouds, although the photo still featured plenty of natural light.

Jen rocked a skimpy thong bikini that showed off her ample assets. She squatted down, accentuating her sculpted derriere even more, and held her arms out in front of her in a pose. Her long brunette locks were pulled back in a low ponytail and she was facing away from the camera, so although the front of her swimsuit wasn't visible, her gravity-defying rear was on full display.

Jen's friend, who she didn't tag in the post, was balanced upside down on her hands. She rested one foot on Jen's rear and slowly extended the other leg high into the air, showing off her incredible physique and body control.

Though the far-away angle of the shot didn't reveal too many details of their swimsuits, both women appeared to have been wearing patterned bikinis for their bold looks.

In the caption of the post, Jen referred to what they were doing in the picture as "yogacise," and encouraged her followers to engage with her in the comments section.

Jen's fans absolutely loved the post, and the Boomerang clip racked up over 1.3 million views within just 10 hours. The upload also received 1,432 comments from her admirers, who raced to the comments section to share their thoughts.

"This is the most Instagram thing I've ever seen," one person said, followed by a laughing crying emoji.

"This is impressive," another follower added.

"You are a really flawless women," one fan commented.

"Goddesses doing yoga.. fantastic," another user said.

While her latest post may have been a throwback, Jen has also been sharing plenty of fresh content with her followers, even during quarantine. Just a few days ago, as The Inquisitr reported, Jen got creative in honor of Cinco de Mayo and decided to whip up some nonalcoholic piña colada shots in her kitchen. She used a BlendJet blender to create the frosty treats, and showcased her chiseled abs and sculpted arms in a green crop top and matching sweatpants.