‘One Piece’ Chapter 979 Reveals Main Reason Why Emperor Kaido Summoned The Flying Six

NMH.illusionFlickr(CC BY 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

The One Piece Wano Arc has recently introduced some of the strongest members of the Beast Pirates known as the Flying Six. The group is composed of six Beast Pirates headliners — namely X Drake, Page One, Who’s Who, Ulti, Black Maria, and Sasaki. Before they became subordinates of Beast Pirates captain Yonko Kaido, all of them were captains of different pirate groups.

The latest chapter of One Piece featured a meeting at Onigashima — one involving Emperor Kaido, Beast Pirates All-Star King the Wildfire, Beast Pirates All-Star Jack the Drought, and the Flying Six. As soon as he saw them, Emperor Kaido told the Flying Six the main reason why they were all invited to the banquet at Onigashima. Emperor Kaido said that they decided to summon the Flying Six to help solve some “family problems.”

Ulti, the female member of the Flying Six, got mad after hearing those words from Emperor Kaido, but the Beast Pirates captain said that they would receive a huge reward once they complete their mission. The mission was to find his son, Yamato, and bring him back to the banquet. Any member of the Flying Six who could bring Yamato back would be given the opportunity to challenge any of the Beast Pirates All-Stars for their position.

It may not be normal for members of a pirate group to fight against each other in this series, but as mentioned in One Piece Chapter 979, the Beast Pirates is an organization where the strong rise to the top. This means that that if Jack, King, or Queen the Plague dies — or suffers a massive defeat — their position will immediately be filled by the next most powerful member of the group. After hearing Emperor Kaido’s announcement, most members of the Flying Six expressed their excitement, and didn’t think twice before accepting the difficult task of finding Yamato.

Beast Pirates All-Stars Jack and King didn’t seem to have any problem with defending their position against the Flying Six. Should one of the Flying Six bring Yamato to the banquet, Emperor Kaido plans to schedule the match as soon as possible — and he intends to have the contest occur in front of Big Mom Pirates captain Charlotte Linlin. Now that they decided to form the most powerful alliance in the world, Kaido wants to show Linlin how powerful his top-ranking officials are. Should Yamato be present at the banquet, Kaido revealed that he would also make a very important announcement.