WWE News: Former NXT Superstar Comments On His Controversial 2019 Release From Company


After a promising debut as part of the NXT roster, the wrestler formerly known as Jordan Myles found himself embroiled in controversy late last year after he publicly called out WWE for releasing his first official T-shirt, which he claimed had racist connotations in its design. This was soon followed by his departure from the company, and what seemed to be a brief retirement from professional wrestling. With six months having passed since his November 2019 release, Myles — who has since reverted to his original ring name of ACH — commented on what happened between him and WWE at that time, expressing regret at how he handled things back then.

In an interview with Submission Squad Presents: Dollar Menu Midcarders (via Cultaholic) from earlier this week, ACH said that he was “having the time of [his] life” in NXT until WWE released his T-shirt, which he said made him angry. While he stressed that he will not exactly take back the comments he made in the aftermath of the shirt’s release, he said he wishes that he could have chosen better words than the ones he used when he was criticizing WWE on social media late last year.

“If I could have said those things a little bit more intelligently and calmly and came from a real place and not an angry place, I think it would have been okay but the fact that I was just so angry and mad and disrespected, and I just felt like a joke… I don’t hold too many grudges but that sh*t really pissed me off, man, it made me mad, man.”

Further elaborating on his feelings of remorse, ACH talked about being “attacked” by strangers from all over the world and criticized for the things he said during the time of the T-shirt controversy. He also made mention of his mental health issues, and how he was advised by some people to be more open about them — but not to the point that he’d use them as an excuse. After saying that he isn’t the type of person to do such a thing, he again reiterated that the events that led to his release from WWE were part of a very public “meltdown.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, ACH didn’t just lash out at WWE and its alleged racist practices in the series of tweets he posted after the release of his supposedly blackface-inspired T-shirt. The 31-year-old also criticized Ring of Honor’s Jay Lethal, calling him an “Uncle Tom” and accusing him of not doing enough to help other African American wrestlers as one of the promotion’s top talents.