Tarsha Whitmore Puckers Up For A Flirty Instagram Post

Tarsha Whitmore delivered a flirty Instagram update on Saturday, teasing fans as she puckered her lips for a kiss. Her latest photo was snapped outdoors and showed the model sitting on the curb with her legs spread open in a casual pose. Her eyes were closed and she was leaning her elbow on her raised knee, lifting up her fingers to her chin in a coquettish gesture that showed off her long nails. Her other hand rested just below the knee, her slender forearm stretching across her inner thigh. Sunlight hit her from the side, lending a playful sheen to her skin. Her body cast a shadow on the ground, showing the silhouette of her chiseled pins.

The photo portrayed the gorgeous blonde from the mid-profile and was taken from a high angle that offered a full view of her graceful figure. Tarsha rocked a sporty-chic style, looking effortlessly fashionable in a pair of white leisure pants and a matching crop top. The 19-year-old showed off her slim midriff, keeping the skin-baring to a tasteful amount with high-rise bottoms and a conservative, sleeveless top. She sported comfortable yellow sneakers and wore elegant gold jewelry. Her golden tresses were pulled up into a twisted bun, showcasing the large, hoop earrings dangling from her ears. A thick choker made out of tiny gold spheres glittered around her neck, adding sophistication to her aesthetic. The discrete, jewel neckline kept the focus on her necklace, showing a glimpse of her chiseled collar bone.

Her list of accessories also included stylish, clear sunglasses, which Tarsha slyly let slide down the tip of her nose. A white purse sat on the pavement beside her, completing the urban-chic ensemble.

Tarsha paired the trendy attire with makeup in a neutral, skin-toned palette. She seemingly wore a satin pink shade on her plump lips, and appeared to give contouring to her cheeks with a peach blush and highlighter. Her glam look also included sculpted eyebrows and long, curled lashes. Her nails featured a classy nude manicure that complemented her skin tone.

The Aussie beauty penned a playful caption for her photo, telling fans that she was waiting for someone. Some followers chose to give a personal interpretation to her words, volunteering their company in the comments section.

The sun-kissed photo made quite the impression on Tarsha's following, quickly reeling in 8,240 likes and 122 comments. Fans appeared to have fallen in love with the look, and wasted no time in showering the Australian model with compliments.

"Gorgeous baby girl," read one message, followed by a heart-eyed emoji.

"Beautiful as always," wrote another person.

"Cars must be lined up around the block," quipped a third Instagrammer, adding three fire emoji.

"You are something else," gushed a fourth fan.