AEW News: Moxley Opens Up About Company's Locker Room Culture

Jon Moxley recently sat down with Wrestling Inc's podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including his opinion on the All Elite Wrestling locker room atmosphere. According to the former WWE superstar, the company's backstage environment is very positive, even though the current situation isn't ideal for anyone.

"The culture is great; everyone is having fun. Obviously right now, things are a little different as it's tough to face a challenge like this as a new company. I'm not an expert on business but I know from the people I talk to; the situation is not ideal to say the least. We're doing what we can and doing everything as safely as possible."
During the interview, Moxley said that the current pandemic has been testing for the company. While he claims to not be a business expert, his words suggest that times are uncertain for some performers at the moment. At the time of this writing, however, no employees have been released from their contracts.

Moxley went on to say that everyone gets to be themselves in AEW, which has contributed towards the backstage positivity and energy. He compared the locker room to that of an independent promotion, as everyone is passionate about professional wrestling and there to express themselves through the craft.

According to Moxley, the majority of the AEW roster would wrestle for free if they weren't a part of the company. He believes that they see the sport as more than a job, and the fact they aren't driven by money has made AEW a good place to work.

The AEW World Champion also revealed how the roster is like a family and shared a story of them taking part in Chris Jericho's recent cruise and "slamming White Claws." While Moxley doesn't know when everyone will be together again, he is looking forward to things returning to normal.

Moxley appears to be having fun in the company, following an unhappy spell in WWE. As The Inquisitr previously reported, he was unhappy with the backstage culture in his former company as he was creatively restricted and forced to work a schedule that he wasn't happy with.

Moxley also recently claimed that his wife, Renee Young, found herself in hot water with the company recently after he appeared in an episode of WWE Backstage. The pair are married in real life and Young has been forced to host the show from their house due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the disciplinary action taken against Young suggests that WWE's backstage protocol is stricter than AEW's.