‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Diane Preps Michael & Willow For The Custody Hearing

Craig SjodinABC Press

The week of May 11 on General Hospital is expected to be filled with plenty of emotions as the custody hearing gets started. That means that Michael and Nelle are both scrambling to come up with a way to gain full custody of their son. They are pitted against one another and are both willing to go the extra mile to win. That also means that they are getting prepped by their lawyers at the last minute.

On Monday’s General Hospital, Diane Miller will reappear to go over some last-minute details on the best way to handle Nelle in court. She meets with Michael and Willow at the Quartermaine mansion, as seen in the previews posted by ABC. Diane has been the Corinthos family lawyer for many years and she is as good as it gets, but Nelle’s lawyer, Martin Grey, is quite sneaky. Diane will be going over the details on how to handle things with Nelle in the courtroom.

The lawyer tells Michael and Willow that they need to remain calm, despite Nelle’s manipulations. She especially reminds Willow of that since she had a major outburst at Shiloh’s trial. She promises to be ready for Nelle’s shenanigans. Diane stresses to Michael that he is a great father to Wiley and that should be a plus in the hearing.

Diane also mentions what a great team Michael and Willow are when it comes to the little boy that they both love and are willing to fight for. She wants them all to remember that they are doing what’s best for Wiley, while Nelle is doing what’s best for her, not her son.

When Diane mentions that it has been proven that the people who love Wiley will do whatever it takes for him, Michael and Willow seemingly know exactly what they have to do in order to protect the little boy.

While General Hospital fans have known that it was likely that Michael and Willow will get married to gain an advantage in getting custody of Wiley, it is finally happening. It has been confirmed that this upcoming week they will indeed become husband and wife. Spoilers say that they will be surrounded by Michael’s family and that Lucy Coe will be officiating the quickie wedding.

Will Diane be good enough to make sure that Wiley stays with his dad? Nelle is expected to have a few things up her sleeve as well, so it’s going to be a fight to the end for the boy. The next couple of weeks on General Hospital will hopefully prove whether the sacrifice that Chase and Sasha made was worth it.