Kelly Gale Flaunts Sideboob In Untied Swimsuit In Hawaii

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Kelly Gale has been posting Instagram snaps from a tropical paradise since April 30, and shared a new update yesterday that she noted was taken in Hawaii. The model flaunted her sideboob in the risqué photo as she held up her untied swimsuit at the beach.

The image was taken as the sun was setting or rising, and she stood in such a way to mostly block the orange glow from the sun. This created a focal point by her hair and the rest of her figure was left in the shadows.

Kelly’s swimsuit was a one-piece with straps that were meant to be tied by her shoulders. But since it was undone, she held the ensemble up with her right hand and left the back of her ensemble falling down her lower back. It appeared to be a yellow or gold-tone, and it hugged her figure tightly.

The model glanced over her left shoulder into the distance and parted her lips slightly in a sultry manner. Her sparkling stud earrings were visible although it didn’t look like she sported additional accessories.

She wore her hair down in a heavy right part with her tight curly locks cascading around her right shoulder. Her makeup application was hard to discern thanks to the grainy quality of the image, but it looked like she rocked blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow.

Behind Kelly was a stretch of beach, a palm tree, and the ocean.

The tag revealed that the image was taken by photographer Cameron Hammond. She also tagged his agent and producer, Rachel Gill Hammond.

The photo has been liked over 42,800 times and her fans seemingly had only nice things to say in the comments section.

“Nice photo Kelly you look really fab in this swimsuit,” complimented a follower.

“You are another world @kellybellyboom,” declared a second social media user.

Others noted the caption and her location.

“Absolutely gorgeous wish I was in Hawaii,” wrote a third admirer.

“IM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU ( I wish),” raved another follower.

Kelly further tantalized her fans with another sizzling update four days ago, that time wearing a tan and white bikini. She posed on a stairwell that led to the ocean and placed her hand on the railing. Her bikini top was arguably too small as her underboob peeked through, and her tiny bottoms had a low waistline. She wore her hair down in a side part and her locks looked wet with pieces of it obscuring parts of her face.