Cardi B Flaunts Curves In Oversized Jean Shorts

Cardi B gave her 64.2 million followers a peek at her bodacious curves in her latest Instagram post, which shows her sitting on a balcony and gazing off-camera.

Cardi sat on a couch with her hands between her legs, resting on the seat. The couch was decorated with white pillows and a striped cushion. One of Cardi's legs was folded up on the furniture while the other was freely extended, with her toe pointed.

The "Bodak Yellow" hit-maker rocked a bright pink crop top, appearing to go braless. The top secured the rapper's voluptuous breasts but exposed her toned arms.

She wore a pair of oversized jean shorts that were so big she had them folded over. The folded waistband exposed her hourglass figure and naturally arched back. The shorts also put her legs on full display, including a peacock tattoo on her right thigh that extends to her knee.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper sported a pink and blond ombre hairdo, styled in a bob with pin curls. She appeared to match her hair with the same color eyeshadow dusted on her lids, and her eyebrows were arched. Also, a pink lipstick shade can be seen on her lips. Her nose seemed perfectly contoured, and eyelash extensions were curled in a dramatic fashion.

Her long, square-shaped nails were painted with a similar pink color as seen on her shirt.

While it is not clear where the "Money" chart-topper was located due to the lack of a geotag, her caption said it was a "pretty day," indicating she was somewhere warm. The photo also hinted at the weather, with clear skies visible behind the stunner.

In just six hours, Cardi B's upload racked up over 2.6 million likes and more than 21,700 comments from her adoring followers. Her fans filled the comments section with compliments and heart-eye emoji on her look.

"Pretty In Pink," wrote one devotee, with a pink heart emoji following.

"Yes ma'am lm so I'm love with the new look," commented another follower.

"You are the prettiest," remarked a third user.

"Hair goals, body goals, everything goals!" wrote a fourth supporter, adding a fire flame emoji and pink heart emoji.

Less than two days ago, Cardi B posted another treat for her followers, wearing a skintight black bodysuit. Her hair was styled the same, but colored blond and brown at the tips. She also wore a good bit of makeup, an application including long lashes and neutral-colored eyeshadow. She also sported the same square-shaped pink nails.