Tina Knowles Partners With Beyoncé For COVID-19 Relief, Shares Mother’s Day Plans

Eamonn McCormackGetty Images

Tina Knowles-Lawson and her superstar daughter, Beyoncé, have teamed up to do their part in providing COVID-19 relief to their hometown of Houston, Texas, Extra reported.

The entrepreneur and philanthropist announced the launch of her “I Did My Part” initiative. Through a partnership with Beyoncé’s Beygood Foundation, Knowles-Lawson said the initiative will provide COVID-19 testing to the Houston area. The Inquisitr previously reported on a speech Beyoncé gave in which she spoke about the effect coronavirus has had on African Americans. She encouraged those in the community to protect themselves.

Knowles-Lawson was moved to do her part in providing relief by bringing attention to the fact that people have to get tested. In an effort to raise awareness — and emphasize the importance of assuming not just personal, but collective responsibility — Knowles-Lawson talked specifically about the spread of coronavirus and how people are infecting each other.

She shared alarming statistics of how coronavirus is impacting the African American community. According to her accounts, 33.7 percent of people with COVID-19 are African American, and 33 percent of those who pass away from the virus are black. With African Americans making up only 13 percent of the population, she reiterated the need for testing in the black community.

Knowles-Lawson mentioned that she has also challenged her celebrity friends to join the initiative. From Tyler Perry in Atlanta to Octavia Spencer in Mississippi — as well as Cookie and Magic Johnson in Detroit — she has gotten people to answer the call to action. She extended the challenge to anyone and everyone across the country.

For the city of Houston, the “I Did My Part” initiative will service the community on Friday, May 8, and Saturday, May 9, at select locations.

With Mother’s Day approaching this weekend, the mother and grandmother was asked how she will celebrate — and if she has any plans with Beyoncé. The mother of the megastar said they all got tested for coronavirus, and with negative results, she is looking forward to gathering safely with her daughter and the family.

“We all got tested and we are corona-free as far as we know, so we’re gonna get together hopefully on Sunday and have dinner…I get to see them and touch them and that’s gonna be the best Mother’s Day present ever.”

Knowles-Lawson expressed she has only seen her grandchildren from a distance due to social distancing, and that she “can’t wait to hold them.”

When asked how Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z are surviving quarantine, Knowles-Lawson said their household was great, are doing what they are supposed to do, and are trying to stay safe.