Meg Turney Stuns Fans With ‘Hella Lewd’ Nude Photo

The hot Twitch streamer posed naked with colorful plastic eggs for pastel-themed shot.

Meg Turney clicks a selfie.
Meg Turney / Instagram

The hot Twitch streamer posed naked with colorful plastic eggs for pastel-themed shot.

Meg Turney‘s latest Instagram upload proved that quarantine photo shoots can be a lot of fun. On Thursday, the cosplay model shared a tantalizing snap that saw her wearing nothing but a sexy purple wig. The stunner showed off her naked body as she posed on a cozy faux-fur blanket, making creative use of a whimsical prop to cover her modesty.

Snapped in profile, she censored her bare chest with her hand and placed a giant plastic egg in front of her lower body. The item was a satin purple color that perfectly matched her wavy hair. Several smaller plastic eggs were scattered all around her, all of them sporting bright, pastel tones.

The gorgeous cosplayer appeared to be photographed on a window seat, and she was sitting with one knee coquettishly raised to show off her thigh. She had her torso turned toward the camera and was leaning with her free hand on the soft blanket. The rest of the decor was just as fanciful, and included fuzzy throw pillows and fairy lights. The window behind her was draped in yellow and pink tulle, which mirrored the color of the pillows.

Meg appeared to be having a great time, and she flashed a beaming smile at the photographer, showing her pearly white teeth. The model was all dolled up for the shot, rocking chic makeup that fit in with the pastel theme.

She coordinated her lipstick with her wig, and appeared to be wearing shimmering eyeshadow in different shades of pink. Her glam look was complete with eye highlighter, as well as thick dark eyeliner and long lashes to further bring out her eyes. Her nails sported a mismatched manicure, also in a glittery, light-toned palette.

The photo was taken by Meg’s boyfriend, Gav, as indicated in the caption. Fans were quick to comment on the topic, leaving sweet messages of admiration for the couple.

“I genuinely love the pics Gav takes of you. You look so happy and comfortable and confident in them and mix that with him being an awesome photographer and you have some incredible pics,” read one of the many comments that praised their relationship. The commenter added a pair of heart emoji.

Followers went crazy for the eccentric shoot, voicing their enthusiasm in the comments section. Their fervor was also reflected in the high number of likes, which is a little over 60,900 at the time of this writing.

“Egg-cellent quarantine content!” quipped one person, adding a sparkling-heart emoji.

“Eggactly the content we need!” another said, leaving a pair of heart-eyes and egg emoji at the end of their post.

“Looking absolutely gorgeous and mesmerizing,” read a third comment, trailed by a string of flattering emoji that included four purple hearts.