Katie Miller, Mike Pence’s Press Secretary, Identified As Staffer Who Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Marc Short and Katie Miller, staffers for Vice President Mike Pence, talk in the Rose Garden
Doug Mills / Getty Images

Katie Miller, who serves as the press secretary for Vice President Mike Pence, tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Friday. When reports of a staffer testing positive first emerged, the identity of the person on Pence’s staff who was involved was not made immediately clear. Now, numerous media outlets have confirmed that Katie Miller is the staffer in question.

According to NPR, Katie tested negative for the virus on Thursday. However, a positive result came back with Friday’s testing.

President Donald Trump had told reporters on Friday that it was someone named Katie who had tested positive. However, it hadn’t been confirmed at that point that it was Pence’s press secretary to whom the president was referring. Trump did say that he has not been in contact with Miller, but that she apparently has spent time with the vice president recently.

A flight involving a trip to Iowa for Pence was delayed on Friday for more than an hour. Ultimately, six staffers were removed from the flight, but Miller reportedly had not been slated to travel to Iowa on that flight.

Now, however, it seems that those six staffers were removed because they have had contact with Miller. The White House is doing thorough contact tracing now that the vice president’s press secretary has tested positive, and the removal of these staffers was seemingly done out of an abundance of caution.

An official said that none of the people on the plane Friday morning were feeling sick or exhibiting any symptoms. They were asked to get tested for the coronavirus and head home for now.

As Politico notes, Miller frequently travels with the vice president in her position as his top spokesperson. She attends numerous meetings with him, and her husband is a part of the Trump administration as well.

In February, Miller married senior adviser Stephen Miller, who works closely with the president. He tends to interact regularly with the president, as well as with the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and her husband, Jared Kushner. Both of the latter serve as advisers in the Trump administration.

In fact, the Miller wedding was held at the Trump International Hotel, and the president was in attendance — along with many other current and past administration team members. Trump himself gave a short speech during the wedding reception, and stayed for a couple of hours.

Politico says they reached out to Miller for comment after sources confirmed she had tested positive for coronavirus, but as of this writing, she had not responded. The news of her positive test comes just a day after it was revealed that a valet working directly with Trump had tested positive as well.