Yanet Garcia Flaunts Her Killer Physique In New Workout Video

Yanet Garcia attends Lewis Howes Documentary Live Premiere: Chasing Greatness
Charley Gallay / Getty Images

Yanet Garcia, who has been dubbed the “World’s Hottest Weather Girl,” has spent the last few months focusing on building a fitness empire, and in her latest Instagram post, she is urging others to join her. The video that Yanet uploaded on Friday afternoon showed her in a number of different workout ensembles while doing a variety of exercises, and it looks like this is inspiring quite a few of her dedicated followers.

The caption of Yanet’s post was written mostly in Spanish, but the message was clear. In her opinion, not having access to a gym is no excuse to avoid working out. Of course, she happens to have what she believes is the perfect alternative and she directed people to her new home-training workout plan.

This video started with Yanet wearing a royal blue set of workout gear as she exercises outdoors. The skintight leggings and sports bra showcased her fit physique as she was filmed raising her arms up over her head, looking up toward the sky.

The clip quickly jumped to Yanet wearing a burgundy set of leggings and a matching one-shoulder workout bra. She was shown working out indoors in this case, demonstrating some crunches and free weight exercises.

As the video progressed, Yanet was featured in both of those outfits multiple times, as well as a mint green ensemble and a patterned gray set. Throughout the footage, she casually explained that she has created a new home workout plan specifically for those who are wanting to stay safe inside at home.

These snippets showed Yanet looking cozy and comfortable, her long, dark tresses tucked up under a black baseball cap. She appeared to be standing and sitting near her kitchen while wearing a baggy black sweatshirt.

The various glimpses of Yanet doing her workouts included a few smiles, giggles, and hip wiggles, and even a hair toss at one point. It looks as if her fans loved this compilation of routines, as the update quickly garnered a lot of engagement.

Yanet’s new upload received more than 77,000 views within the first couple of hours, along with dozens of comments.

“Glorious look,” wrote one follower.

“Good video you are on fire,” detailed a fan.

“Body goals,” someone else noted.

“You look amazing girl,” praised another admirer.

While some of these workout ensembles have been featured in previous Instagram posts, this plan and mixture of shots seems brand-new. By the looks of things, Yanet’s followers are going to be eager to give this one a try.