Kindly Myers Sizzles In Teal Bikini, Teases She’s Both ‘Really Sweet’ & ‘Don’t Mess With Me’

Kindly Myers snaps a selfie during a photoshoot
Kindly Myers / Instagram

Instagram bombshell Kindly Myers is teasing her fans with another sizzling-hot bikini shot. The new photo posted on her social media page on Friday morning is generating a lot of heat, and for good reason.

In this new photo, Kindly is wearing a tiny teal bikini that may look familiar to her most dedicated followers. It appears that this may be the same bikini that she wore in another photo she initially shared last month. However, the pose is new to her fans, and it shows a fresh set of sexy angles that people will not want to miss.

The new social media upload shows Kindly lounging on a stone slab next to a pool. She is leaning on her elbows as she is laying out on her stomach, the hand of one arm crossed over the elbow of the other. She has her head tilted and she is smiling slightly as she gazes toward the camera, her long blond hair pulled back into a high ponytail.

A couple of Kindly’s tattoos can be seen in this position; a small one on her wrist along with a larger one on her torso that often garners a lot of attention. The tiny teal triangle bikini top allowed Kindly to flaunt a fair amount of cleavage.

She has her knees bent with her bare feet pointed up and crossed in the air behind her, and fans can see the curves of her pert derriere with this position.

The caption for this photo is certainly enticing. Kindly teased that she is an unusual combination of being tough and sweet, and it looks as if her 1.9 million followers wholeheartedly agree. Thousands of likes quickly piled up on this post along with dozens of comments.

“Damn…that’s what I’m talking about,” declared one follower.

“That’s the best combo,” noted a fan who added a couple of fire emoji to her comment.

“And a whole lotta beautiful in between!!” another follower detailed.

“I think you’re mostly sweet,” a fourth fan praised.

It seems that many people relied on emoji to get their love for this look across, with fire and heart emoji sprinkled throughout the comments section. Kindly’s caption really seemed to hit the mark in this case, as her fans embraced both the stunning bikini photo and the saucy description of her personality.

Kindly has been consistently sharing sultry snaps on her Instagram page in recent days, often teasing her fans with photos featuring her in revealing bikinis and stunning lingerie sets. Her followers never tire of her jaw-dropping uploads, and it looks like this one is going to be receiving a lot of love as the day continues.