Mark Cuban Sent Secret Shoppers To Dallas Businesses, Found 96 Percent Not Compliant With Coronavirus Protocol

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wanted to see how businesses around the city were handling the reopening process as the state of Texas began lifting coronavirus restrictions, so he hired secret shoppers to survey the process.

He found that almost no business was fully compliant with the state's safety protocols put in place to protect against the spread of the virus.

Cuban wrote about the results of his surveys on his personal website, Blog Maverick. Cuban said he was hoping to get a better understanding of what reopening meant for businesses around Dallas, so hired a company to call locations to see which had opened and send shoppers to conduct physical audits to those that had begun operation again.

"I wanted to get an understanding of what opening meant to businesses around Dallas," Cuban wrote. "Were they opening? What precautions were they taking? Were employees in safe environments? And bigger picture, I wanted to know if these are places that I would feel safe taking my family to."

Cuban found that only 36 percent of businesses reopened on the first weekend they were allowed. The Dallas Morning News also found that many businesses were not reopening on the first weekend, with many planning to wait until later in the month to unlock their doors.

"They're not rushing to get people back to work if they don't have to," said Angela Farley, chief financial officer and chief operating officer for Dallas Chamber of Commerce. "They're trying to be very thoughtful about this."

Cuban's survey found that businesses that have opened are finding difficulty complying with state standards. He wrote that among businesses that had reopened, 96 percent were non-compliant across all mandatory protocols established by the governor's office. Close to one-third had less than 50 percent compliance across all mandatory protocols, he added.

Texas officials faced criticism for going forward with plans to allow businesses to reopen despite a rise in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths. As The Inquisitr reported, the state recorded its highest one-day increase in coronavirus deaths just hours before businesses were allowed to start operating on Friday.

As Texas Monthly noted, the Texas Department of State Health Services reported 50 new deaths from COVID-19 in the state on April 30, making it the largest increase from the previous day since the start of the outbreak. That same day, the state reported more than 1,000 confirmed new cases, only the second time since the pandemic began that it had reached that mark.