May 7, 2020
Tammy Hembrow Sizzles In Crop Top & White Panties

Tammy Hembrow took to Instagram earlier today to flaunt her bombshell body in another scanty outfit. The sizzling new upload included one photo and one video.

The first image in the set featured a selfie-style photo that was taken with the aid of her bathroom mirror. Hembrow posed in the doorway, looking at the camera with a serious stare. Behind her was a large glass shower and a glimpse of a toilet seat, and in front of her was a white porcelain sink. The model assured that she was the focal point of the image and she stripped down to nothing more than a crop top and panties.

Her crop top boasted a white fabric with light purple sleeves and a graphic to match. Tammy appeared to go braless under the top, making for an NSFW display that proved hard to ignore. Its capped sleeves allowed for her muscular arms to be put on display, and the piece rested on her ribs, exposing her entire midriff for the camera.

The bottoms were just as sexy and they complimented her top to perfection. The garment was constructed of a fabric that featured the same hue as her top. Its waistband rested firmly on her hips, drawing attention to her trim midsection. The front of the piece rode low on her front side, revealing even more skin. The scandalous cut also flaunted her fit legs, which are frequently modeled in bikinis.

The second post was a video that was set to music and showed Tammy in the same skimpy attire.

The Australian beauty styled her hair with a middle part, and she tied her long blond tresses in a set of pigtails. A few loose strands of hair fell around her face. Tammy added a full application of glam to complete the smoking-hot look. She appeared to have a smoky eyeshadow on the top of her lids as well as a few coats of mascara that extended her lashes. It also seemed as though the model added a matte lipstick to her pout.

Fans have adored the post so far, and the update has earned over 66,000 likes and 418 comments in less than an hour.

"So beautiful and so attractive love you looks and everything else," one follower gushed.

"Ur so pretty i love ur content," a second social media user chimed in alongside a series of flame and hearts.

"Wow that is super hot. Yes u can have me," another fan added, referencing her question that was posed in the caption.