'RHOA' Star Porsha Williams Deletes Photos Of Fiance Dennis McKinley On Instagram Following Breakup Rumors

Porsha Williams fueled the rumors that she's leaving her fiance Dennis McKinley with her latest social media activity.

According to Madame Noire, Williams recently deleted multiple photos from her time with McKinley on Instagram. The outlet reports that Williams took away any evidence of their romance and only left two posts of him on her page. Both posts include McKinley with the couple's 1-year-old daughter, Pilar Jhena. In the first photo, McKinley is holding PJ shortly after Williams gave birth to her last year. The second post shows McKinley sleeping while PJ is attempting to play with him. Prior to Williams deleting the Instagram shares, she had several photos of McKinley on her timeline, including when she introduced him as her boyfriend back in 2018.

Williams' choice to get rid of McKinley's photos comes days after YouTube star Tasha K shared on her page that the couple might be in trouble. She claimed they have already broken up, but Williams is reportedly waiting to make the announcement on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Their breakup will reportedly play out during season 13 of the show.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta's audience watched as Williams and McKinley worked on salvaging their relationship during season 12 of the series. As The Inquisitr previously reported, McKinley made headlines back in July 2019 after he was accused of cheating on Williams by Tasha K. Although McKinley denied cheating with WAGS Atlanta star Sincerely Ward, as Tasha K claims, he did admit he was unfaithful during their engagement. Later in the season, McKinley and Williams attended couple's counseling followed by McKinley re-proposing to Williams. During one of their therapy sessions, McKinley opened up about why the infidelity took place. He claimed Williams' postpartum depression was a large factor in why he stepped out.

While Williams has admitted in the past that her depression caused chaos in their relationship, she recently shared she didn't feel it was the cause of McKinley's behavior. During Bravo's RHOA after-show, she said she was blindsided by McKinley's actions during that time. From her perspective, Williams said, she and McKinley were in a good place in their relationship when he cheated on her.

"When he told me he cheated because of postpartum depression, I took it and let it rolled off my back like water off of a duck's back. Because, first of all, we still had sex. He was my biggest support system while I was going through it," Williams said.

"So all of that, I knew was just something that maybe had a piece of it, but I knew that wasn't the whole reason why he had stepped out."

Williams said she also needed to learn more about McKinley before their engagement. After becoming official in August 2018, Williams announced she and McKinley were expecting their first child that September. McKinley proposed to Williams for the first time one month later.