NFL To Install Locker Room Cameras

Want to get a closer look at your favorite NFL players? The National Football League will be installing locker room cameras before next season to give fans an inside look at pre-game, halftime, and post game activities.

NFL executive vice president of business ventures Eric Grubman said that all teams will be required to install the video cameras in their home locker rooms before next season. Grubman said that although the cameras will be mandatory the team will be able to decide what footage gets shown to fans.

Grubman also noted that the footage from the locker room will only be available on screens at the stadium and not on TV.

Grubman said: “The content will be available only in stadium and the content will be available only of the home team. You can show it or not show it.”

The NFL has been struggling with attendance and the league hopes that they can draw fans to stadiums with more unique content.

Grubma added: “Then we will be offering unique content, as we already are doing with the video replays involving referees … I can see cameras in locker rooms or tunnels or coaches’ facilities before games. Fans want it, and clubs can do it.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell added: “Our philosophy is to always look for ways to improve … We do that by emphasizing quality and innovation, including the latest technology as it applies to everything from equipment to medical care to the stadium experience.”

What do you think about the NFL locker room cameras? Do you want to hear pre-game / post-game speeches? What if they were all like this one? (NSFW Language.)