Ida Acconciamessa, 104, Survived The Spanish Flu, Stage 4 Cancer & Now COVID-19

Ida Acconciamessa of Brooklyn, New York, is 104 years old and is inspiring others by her ability to survive countless health problems. Throughout her lifetime, she has lived through the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, as well as World War I and World War II. She beat Stage 4 melanoma and recovered after breaking two hips. She survived a colon condition called Clostridioides difficile and has most recently survived COVID-19, according to The New York Post.

Barbara Senese and Johann Giordano are two of Ida's daughters, aged 77 and 75 respectively. They have visited their mother at Sheepshead Nursing and Rehabilitation Center every day for years. However, when the coronavirus pandemic hit in March, they were no longer allowed inside due to stricter visitation restrictions. The most they could do was look in at her from her first-floor window and wave.

On March 26, the sisters noticed during their visit that their mother was not as responsive as she typically is. They began to fear for the worst. Ida was tested and found out that she was positive for COVID-19. Soon after, she developed a bad cough and other serious side effects. Given her age, her family became fearful that this would be the time they would lose her.

"We really didn't think she was going to be able to pull through this. She wasn't even able to speak. She was lifeless," Barbara recalled.

Nevertheless, they knew their mother was tough and would not be going down without a fight. They were right. On April 24, Ida's family got the good news that she was doing "much, much better" and had become "very chatty" like she had been prior to becoming ill.

Marco Perrone, a nurse at the facility in which Ida recovered, acknowledged how remarkable Ida's recovery is, given her age and pre-existing health conditions. He called it nothing short of a "miracle."

"She always used to say, 'I was born under a lucky star.' That was her mantra in life. And you know what? To be able to get through this virus, those words often come to my mind," Barbara said of her mother's recovery.

Ida's tip for longevity is eating a red McIntosh apple and a glass of red wine every day.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Ida is among other amazing older people to survive COVID-19 despite all odds. A 98-year-old English war veteran named George Boag-Munroe of Liverpool also made headlines for his remarkable recovery. In addition to surviving the coronavirus, he also beat other deadly diseases like malaria and cholera.