McDonald’s Strike In New York, Workers From Other Brands Walk Off The Job

A McDonald’s strike in New York today has spread to low wage workers of Burger King, Domino’s and other chains as workers in the lower echelons of the restaurant industry protest both a paltry rate of pay and dwindling hours.

The McDonald’s strike in Times Square alone was reported to have cost the company 70 workers from today’s shift, and labor organizers say that similar actions in November strengthened the resolve of fast food workers.

Jonathan Westin, executive director of New York Communities for Change (which helped organize the walkouts), said:

“The protestors in November showed that workers were able to look their managers in their faces and say they deserve better. Other workers were emboldened and the numbers are continuing to grow.”

Bronx man Steven Warner said of the McDonald’s strike and his decision to participate:


“While I’m making $7.25, my money can’t take me anywhere. The price of living is going up it seems every day. I appreciate the opportunity to work. But I want them to consider how much I make and ask [themselves] if they could live off of it.”

The McDonald’s strike is organized by a group called Fast Food Forward, and the group has quite a job in New York City where the cost of living is astronomical compared to other locales.

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Across the board, the group seeks a large raise for McDonald’s workers and their fast food peers, calling for a $15 minimum in the city where low-wage jobs often pay less than half that amount.