May 7, 2020
NFL Star Earl Thomas' Wife Nina Thomas In Spotlight For Altercation After Alleged Cheating

Nina Thomas is in the spotlight after allegedly pointing a gun at her husband, NFL player Earl Thomas, and chasing him with a knife after reportedly catching him in bed with another woman.

The events took place back in April, but just recently became public knowledge, after court documents pertaining to the incident were obtained by TMZ. Nina faces charges for the incident.

Police Say Nina Grabbed A Gun, Tracked Down Her Husband

Court documents show that Nina is accused of hacking into her husband's Snapchat account and using it to track his whereabouts after Earl left their home following an argument about his drinking on April 13, the New York Post reported.

The report claims Nina tracked down her husband to a location and went there with two women, but not before grabbing a handgun owned by her husband. It continued, stating she found Earl and his brother, Seth, "in bed with other women" at the other location. Nina allegedly pulled the handgun and held it to her husband's head before he wrestled it away.

She allegedly told police she was just trying to "scare" her husband with the gun and that she had tried to take out the magazine, but a bullet remained inside the chamber. Police received a call at 3:41 a.m. for a disturbance at the couple's home and said they arrived to find Nina holding a knife and chasing Earl, who was holding a pistol.

Nina was arrested and charged with burglary of a residence and intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but Earl was not arrested. The unnamed women who went with Nina to the other home reportedly face charges as well.

Police also issued an order of protection against Nina, mandating that she stay away from her husband.

Nina's Instagram Page Shows Modeling Pictures, Family Outings

Nina has gotten plenty of spotlight since the report of the incident emerged, with many taking to social media to share pictures of the NFL star's high school sweetheart-turned-wife.

Her Instagram page shows off some work she has done in a football-related fashion show, along with pictures of family outings. She appears to play the part of supportive NFL wife, showing pictures of herself decked out in black and purple Ravens gear before games.

This isn't the first time the couple has been in the spotlight, though. TMZ reported on their 2016 wedding, which was a star-studded affair in Houston.

"Thomas and his high school sweetheart, Nina Heisser, tied the knot at Chateau Cocomar -- a MASSIVE palace-like estate in Houston," the report noted. "The guest list included several Seahawks teammates -- including Russell Wilson who attended with his fiancee Ciara."

The Couple Is Trying To Work Things Out

As the New York Post reported, Earl Thomas appeared to get ahead of the news, sharing a video late on Wednesday that told followers a report would be coming out about the incident.

In his message, Earl said that he and Nina were "back talking" and that he had been seeing his children.

"Stuff like this happens," Earl said. "You know, we try to live the best lives we possibly can, but sometimes it don't go as planned."