Kelly Osbourne Shows Off Multicolored Hair In New Snap

Kelly Osbourne showed off her multicolored tresses in a new Instagram snap. The television personality and fashion commentator revealed her latest hue after weeks of hiding her hair underneath a turban, now acknowledging she likes the way her hair looks and is considering keeping this new color.

In the photo, Kelly's hair appears to have a darker purple color from midway down the length of her hair to its ends. There are also shades of a blue hue, which appeared as the purple began to lighten. At her roots, her original brown hair color is revealed.

Her multicolored tresses are the result of not being able to go to a salon as they are not essential businesses that are open during the coronavirus pandemic in certain states still under lockdown. Over the past few weeks, Kelly has taken to covering her hair with a chic turban as her roots grow in. She even uploaded a video of how to create the look for her many followers who wanted the style for their own.

Fans of the 35-year-old have appreciated her honesty and constant interaction throughout this shelter-in-place order. They appeared to love her new hair color and shared their sentiments in the comments section of Kelly's post.

"I love it, looks like cotton candy!" remarked one of Kelly's followers.

"Yes! It really looks good...isn't it fun to see what happens when you let it do its own thing?" shared a second fan.

"My hair is like a super Cadbury's purple and I'm getting all the blue tones coming through now especially around my face and I don't know if I hate it or not. You're looking gorgeous as always!" stated a third Instagram user.

"Why not? I've let mine fade out like that and it looked beautiful!" stated a fourth fan.

Kelly has been keeping her followers updated on her daily activities since the pandemic began, also sharing photos of a visit with parents Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy, who are self-quarantining at their home. Kelly kept an appropriate distance from her parents during the outdoor family chat and everyone wore a mask.She also revealed she had a health scare in a touching video clip shared on Instagram, where she was seen hugging her brother Jack Osbourne. Kelly claimed she was unknowingly exposed to someone with COVID-19. She was subsequently tested and found she was negative for the virus after initially showing symptoms. She feared she exposed her family members as brother Jack has multiple sclerosis and her father suffers from Parkinson's Disease.